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How to Insert Google Adsense into K2 Articles


How to Insert Google Adsense into K2 Articles

Sample script

K2 is the popular powerful content component for Joomla. Awarded “best component” for 2010 at J and Beyond, the international Joomla! conference. The problem is, and it is the situation might be felt for many K2 users, how to insert Google Adsense into K2 articles/items. Don’t worry I’ve found the simple way about it.

1. Only edit 1 file in: /domain/template/name_template/html/com_K2/default/item.php

2. Go to ‘<!– Item title –>’ or find ‘h2 class=”itemTitle”>’

3. Insert Google Adsense code before   ‘<h2 class=”itemTitle”>’.

Image above shows the example.

4. The Google Adsense will automatically appear in the article (before or after title). Based on fact: ads on the top content is better than below.


– Improve to insert GA everywhere you want but follow the policies.

– This page is the clear sample how K2 article can shows GA without buy expensive module or component from developer.**[harja saputra]

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